Payment Strategy
    Typically, invoicing is performed online.  I will e-mail a file saved in the ".tif" graphic format.  At my discretion, I may send a section of the translated document and transmit the balance after you've transacted the payment in full.  The standard protocol is "Payment Due Upon Receipt" of the invoice transacted in "U.S. Dollars".  Please tell me if your disbursement system obligates a delay. To facilitate the payment procedure I have registered with PayPal.  The link below will take you to the PayPal web site where you can pay quickly and easily with your credit card.  PayPal knows me as:  I'll be glad to send you a PayPal "Money Request"... just let me know.

    If you prefer, you may issue a check, money order or other such instrument, payable directly to my name, and mail it to the following address:

Alain Gelbman
  P.O. Box 527
Blodgett, OR  97326

    Finally, please save me the expense and embarrassment of issuing a reminder.  If your accounting protocol will not allow for these terms, just talk to me at the beginning of the project, you'll find me easy to deal with.

Below, you will find a "Memorandum of Understanding" that acts as an agreement regarding our work relationship and describes various payment strategies;  it may answer your concerns and demonstrate some of the issues we might discuss during our initial contact.

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Memorandum of Understanding

This agreement is entered between the two following parties:

I:  Alain Gelbman who will provide Spanish<->English translation and/or interpretation services and ancillary tasks, referred to henceforth as "the provider" and,

II:  _____________________________________,

representing the firm: __________________________________________ referred to henceforth as "the client."

The ancillary tasks referred to above will require preliminary discussion and mutual agreement.  They include:
    1. Formatting of finished translation,
    2. Delivery of finished translation
        --Medium (hard paper copy, computer diskette, electronic transmission, voice, or?)
        --Method (postal service, data transmission, fax, e-mail, telephone, or?)
    3. Consultations by telephone, e-mail, or?

Name of the Project:


A. The provider pledges to complete the translation project by the date:


and to charge no more than:

$ _________________________ (in U.S. Dollars)...
...which does not include:
1. charges for changes or additions to the original document requested by the client, and,
2. charges for consultations between provider and client to discuss ambiguous, unintelligible, arcane or other aspects needing clarification.  The provider may charge additional fees for the time expended during these consultations.

B. A negotiated discount may be applied to any invoice issued for a project that the provider sends or transmits past the agreed-upon date of completion, barring acts of God.

The client pledges to be available on a timely basis for consultations regarding unclear specifics of the original/source document (see A - 2, above).

The client will bear the cost of telephone (or other) contacts necessary to discuss language or formatting aspects of the original document.

Unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties, the client pledges to process and mail full payment upon receipt of the invoice for the translated document/s.

Remittance (in U.S. Dollars) by check, money order or bank draft
made payable directly to my name, and mailed by post to:

Alain Gelbman
P.O. Box 527
Blodgett, OR  97326


_____________________    _____________________
Provider                                                                  Client

I realize that if you were well versed in both English and Spanish you would not require my services, and, by the same token, that you may not be in a position to judge my work directly.  To that end I encourage you to contact my former clients and to present my work to someone whose judgment you trust.

Please stay in touch by any of the means you prefer... I'd love to hear from you.

Alain Gelbman
P.O. Box 527
Blodgett, OR  97326

Tel: (541)456-4891 -- Pacific Standard Time
Fax/Data: (541)456-4891 (Please Phone or E-mail for Confirmation Before Transmitting)

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